Titans vs. Raiders NFL Pick – Week 14

The Oakland Raiders come back home for the very first time over the Cincinnati Bengals. Their previous two outings took place where they had been unsuccessful against the Jets and Chiefs. A terrific part of the public seemed to be shocked by the Raiders performance against the Jets, but we werent cashed in with the Jets as house dogs one of these. They had lots of issues hoping to get a functionality against the Chiefs at Arrowhead, struggling to the tune of a 40-9 loss. Since he fought in a hostile atmosphere, derek Carr was also more inconsistent. Carr completed 20-of-30 attempts and struck for a touchdown and 2 interceptions.
The Raiders were on a nice three-game winning streak before going on the road, all. The Black Hole isnt a simple place and the Raiders will need all of the support they can get to down the Tennessee Titans that are hot on Sunday. Its a must-win position for the Raiders to stay alive. With a win against the Titansthey are able to move on and still have a shot at a wildcard berth. This is an important match for the Titans. They are going with a record of 7-5 that does not leave much room for mistake down the stretch into Oakland despite playing well recently.
Raiders and the Titans are currently battling for the Exact Same wildcard from the AFC. Theres also an outside likelihood they can skip the Texans and win the AFC South. Itll be tough although Together with the Texans in 8-4, its not an impossible job. Steelers the Bills, and Colts are alive from the chase in the AFC too. Cleveland has a sliver of hope, but theyre fading and the Raiders. This week both groups need wins or they can start looking forward into the draft. After the Antonio Brown drama at the preseason, Jon Gruden has done a great job of getting his group focused rather than being diverted this season. This year might have gone downhill in a hurry.
Tennessee heads into Oakland using a lot of momentum. They are five of the previous six games and winners in three consecutive games. Ryan Tannehill watched his chance and hasnt let go of it. Once Marcus Mariota chose a seat on the 15, the crime has seen instant results. Because barring something or an injury, Tannehill is going to stay under centre mariota might have to wait to reestablish his career. He didnt get a reasonable shake so this is a chance at a life in Nashville. Tannehill and the Titans are in a hostile environment in Week 14. Head below to our complimentary Titans vs. Raiders pick.
It will not get any worse than it did last week for the Raiders. Their heads werent in the match and got behind with a score of. They well waved the flag and began preparing for the Titans. Carr was up and down this year, with some moments sprinkled in with bad. I think that is exactly what you get together. He isnt a wonderful quarterback nor is he. When it comes to Carr, gruden has to take the good with the bad.
It would have helped to have a threat like Antonio. But Carr was decent with 16 touchdowns and 8 interceptions with a 98.6 QBR. Hes been better at home with 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions with a 100.4 QBR. The team as a whole have been improved in Oakland than on the road. It has been a hole for the Raiders in the road with a marker of 1-5 as a visitor. The Black Hole was a whole lot friendlier having a record of 4-1 in fives games in Oakland.
The Raiders only loss at home came from the KC Chiefs. Exterior of attempting to keep up with Mahomes, the Raiders defense has allowed just 15.8 points per game in your home. In their past 3 games before hitting the roadOakland scored 24.6 points per game. They went in a 17-10 triumph, also could have scored far more than that if the clocknt only ran out each series.
They are going to want this to defeat the Titans on Sunday. Tannehill was effective with 4 interceptions and 12 touchdowns, as he watches his QBR continue to scale. He heads into Oakland having a terrific 113.9 QBR. The Raiders have been commendable against the run this year, and slowing Derrick Henry will probably be goal No. 1. Oakland has yielded a mean of 103.6 metres per game on the floor. That is good for 11th in the NFL. Its unlikely Henry halt completely, but only enough to keep the Titans.
Tennessee will soon be playing back-to-back games on the road after an impressive 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts last week. A blocked field goal that went for 6 helped them. If that does not happen, who knows since it was close at that point where game heads. Despite the win that was comfortable, the Titans are typical over the road this year with a record of 3-3, having lost three of their last four road excursions against the Jaguars, Broncos, and Panthers. The 30-20 reduction was with Tannehill.
The Raiders are a team that will come in their program within waves. They looked like a playoff team that was crystal clear throughout their winning series in Oakland a dysfunctional team longing for a top selection in the draft to the road. I believe they seem like a team on Sunday. Expect the Raiders to appear back at home where they feel comfortable. Everybodys high on the Titans right now, but this looks like a letdown place in the shore.
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