Hillary Allen: How American skyrunner returned to the race that almost killed her

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By Ben Collins
BBC Sport
Tromso Skyrace is over just intense. When describing the course in 2014, race director Kilian Jornet admitted:You may die.
It was no exaggeration.
At the point of the 57km route comes the section: an exposed, steep shape approaching the Hamperokken summit.
From this ridge, American skyrunner Hillary Allen dropped Throughout the 2017 race. She had been in freefall to get 50ft. Then she tumbled another 100ft down the stonejust as a rag doll before crashing to a halt.
This is the story of how a 31-year-old lady from Colorado returned to run the race that nearly killed her.
It was 5 August 2017. Allen was anticipating somefun workout with no pressure. She remembers smiling, saying hello to encounters along the course and friends. One of these was a rival named a Spaniard who lives in Tromso, Manu Par.
Allen became a expert skyrunner at 2015 and invested in Europe. From 2017 she decided to create Tromso her last race before going home, where she is also a science teacher and had been one of the athletes on the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series.
Located in the far north of Norway, where mountains rise off the coast, the Tromso race has a very special place in skyrunning. The sports type goes from sea.
Its course takes runners along paths, through forests, across snow and boulder fields, and up into the areas most iconic summits – Tromsdalstinden (1,238m) along with Hamperokken (1,404m) – to get a whole altitude gain of 4,800m.
Allen passed Manu Par at the beginning of Hamperokkens 3.5kilometers ridge. She was in her element, choosing the line across the terrain. Then disaster struck.
Par has been when Allen dropped 10 metres. It had been a sheer drop and he saw her dip the mountain farther down . It seemed to last so long as 10 seconds.
The strangest thing was that the sound, states Par, 31. A body bouncing from the rock. It was just awful.
Instinct took over. Par place his own security by yanking down the stone. What he discovered was a crumbled pile. Her body was twisted, and her wrists were such as bags of bones, so there was a gash on her thigh.
I was convinced she was dead, he says. I did not even think to check her vitals.
But after a few moments he realised that her stomach moved. She was still breathing. Adrenaline kicked . Par is trained as a mountain guide and immediately called.
Allen was at risk of falling he needed to move her, but not as far as it was apparent she had a spinal column injury. She regained consciousness and Par told her not to proceed, urging her to stay awake.
You can see she was fighting to stay alive, to get what I advised her, he says. It was incredible. Just imagine being in that situation – most ordinary people would have given up
Some race photographers witnessed the collapse and called for assistance. A rescue helicopter arrived after about 25 minutes. Allens precarious place meant it required 2 hours to hoist her securely.
Allen survived. Shed 12 bonesincluding two in her back and both arms, and had tens of thousands of stitches. On the subsequent two months she had five operations and had been told she would never run.
But within a year she had been back in skyrunning. Soon after she decided that shed return to Norway. She needed closure.
Allen can not recall what happened – whether shes slipped, tripped, or even a rock broke away from underfoot. But she does recall falling.
Time slowed right down, she states. I recall the effect of hitting the ground but I dont recall the pain of this. I recall my bones breaking up, the noise of its feeling.
I had been thinking:That is it, youre likely to die. I recall relaxing, though it had been a terrifying instant, and thinking:Do your best to stop yourself, but only embrace it.
I handed out and when I came to I watched Manu along with another folks rescuing me. I thought I was going to die, As soon as I watched their faces. I had never seen that look of dread before. Then the pain hit. It came in waves.
It was so intense that it caused her to shout, before the pain relief occurred effect, and then she was airlifted to hospital. The Following Day, Allen was visited by par.
There were so many tubes and she was completely groggy in the anaesthetics, he says. I believed she was likely to perish until two weeks later.
It was when Allen woke the severity of her injuries dawned on her also.
I couldnt proceed, there were cables coming out of me, stitches and cuts everywhere, she says. I thoughtoh my God, could I even function again? Never mind
In addition to breaking both arms and two vertebrae, she had broken several ribs and bones inside her feet. She endured a fracture and it had been that which jeopardised her capability to operate. It took although the plates inside her arms stay, screws which were eliminated.
The time Allen posted social media following the accident was – an Instagram video out of her hospital bed in while list her injuries which, still from the pain relief, then she slurs her words.
A week after back in Colorado, she published another movie in.
I didnt look pretty, she moans now. When I watch them I grimace. But I dont care because that is where I had been at.
That was a pact I made early in my recovery. I have mixed emotions about social networking. I feel that its this huge lie. You never find the raw emotions, the struggle.
I wished to be truthful about what happened. It was about showing relatives and friends that I was OK, but out there on out I received support via media that is social.
I chose to print the good and bad moments, to record how extremely difficult the recovery procedure was continued to be
Allen returned home having only 1 limb thatkind of worked. Every tiny thing became a task – . She couldnt shower or go to the bathroom unsupervised.
Some times I didnt have the ability to escape bed. Early on I wanted that the accident killed me since it could have been simpler.
She found ways to cope. She laughs about the amount of people and even made a contraption to eat with.
She couldnt use crutches so among her sponsors provided a scooter where she could bear weight through her wrists. Obviously, she broke it goingoff street in parks and along trails and had to get it repaired at a bike shop.
Within three weeks she would walk within six she could operate after 10 she entered her skyrace to 17 – because the injury . The week then shed the Cortina Trail race that is 48km in the Dolomites – and won it.
Of returning to Norway, the thought had consistently been in the back of her brain. By early 2019 she was intending to race August again in Tromso.
During a training an ankle broke. However she recovered in time to acquire the Cortina Trail again in June. Tromso was back on.
When I crossed the line at the Cortina Trail I was like:OK, I must go back. It disturbs me, and it is hard, but I want to return, says Allen. I felt ready to face the fear.
Par agreed to race. Theyd kept in contact however it was the first time they had seen each other since she abandoned Tromso when Allen returned to Norway. Three days prior to the race, they moved up to the shape as well as the spot where Allen virtually expired.
It was sort of weird, says Par. We had a really close connection through what occurred but didnt know each other. That was the very first time we ever talked properly.
Allen wanted to learn all aboutthat day. How she was discovered by Par and what he watched. They had never talked about the injury in detail – and they have.
Par states:It was just like a run along with treatment, it was something we needed to do.
Allen adds:I understood the accident was bad but hearing it from Manus view was pretty intense. For the remaining portion of the day I just did not want to be about anybody. I actually contemplated whether to stay for the race because I didnt need to go back there. It made me realise how blessed I am to be living. It was cathartic.
Allen hadthe fun as she and Par completed the race together, laughing and talking, even on the form.
There was no doubt in my head I was going to finish, she says. It was a burden that I had on me personally for two decades. I feel free, free. I dont hold a grudge from the mountain . I spent being fearful of the place but I see it to the pure beauty.
A self-confessed science nerd, Allen was studying for a Masters degree in neuroscience and playing aggressive tennis but sought amore simple release. She attempted trail running in 2013 andthings just clicked. She felt it was what she had been supposed to do. Following her fall, she did not know if she would regain to be an athlete. But without it, who was she?
During her recovery she also spoke to some sports psychologist, who helped her develop. She feels that the ordeal gave her opportunity to rediscover why she really loves running and has made her a better athlete – and a better man.
She has discovered a new sport (gravel riding), is trying different kinds of training and running further than shes run before. In August she arrived races, the Traces des Ducs de Savoie.
Its shown me exactly what Im capable of with this fresh outlook ofI dont care if I win, she states.
It has given me more perspective, more thickness. I have gained more freedom to find what works how much I can push myself, to learn about myself and I would not trade that for anything.
Folks call me courageous. I do feel that. Yeah, I am stubborn. I enjoy doing things that are difficult, facing my fears and finding a means discovering solutions.
Hopefully that is what I am currently defined by – my personality and integrity. Life is hard and if I can help others confront the challenges that they face then surpasses anything that I achieve in conducting.

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